May 10th Simple Integrity

Reading: Proverbs 10:1-32

Yesterday, in Chapter 9, we read that Wisdom has built her house of seven pillars, (9:1). Seven is often seen as a perfect number throughout the Bible, and speaks of wholeness and completeness. Solomon may be saying that the house that wisdom builds is whole and will never fall down. However, many people reading through Proverbs have found a number of themes in the book that Solomon and others come back to again and again and have suggested that these are the seven pillars of wisdom. Nowhere in the book are these themes explicitly stated, but some commentators seem to agree that the themes are integrity and personal purity, faithfulness, generosity, gentleness, diligence, the words we speak and self control. The similarities between these seven pillars and the fruits of the Spirit are amazing.

Proverbs Chapter 10 has much to say about integrity. What is integrity? It’s defined many ways, upright, honest, sound and trustworthy. I have heard that it’s like being a stick of ‘Blackpool rock’ you are the same all the way through. The same inside and out! It’s a moral quality; wisdom has nothing to do with cleverness, brilliance or intelligence. Day after day the newspapers tell us of brilliant, gifted people who have risen to high offices and yet have no integrity. The ‘Panama Papers’, the selling of Bhs for a pound are just two such stories from the last month. Socrates is reported to have said, “why is it that men know what is good but do what is bad?”

Paul Larsen writes ‘The simplicity of integrity is the profundity of wisdom’. How today can I act with simple integrity in all my dealings?

Jesus says….

“Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” (Mat 5:37)

For memorisation

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely,
but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.” (Proverbs 10:9 ESV)


O God, help me to be one who is upright in all my ways, one who is trustworthy and one who is honest. Father there are many times when I don’t do the good I know I should, and times when I do the very things I don’t want to. Please forgive me, and strengthen me for your service today. In Jesus name. Amen


  • Mary Dicker says:

    I am finding these readings and insights are taking me on a thought provoking journey. I was remind d okay of the words of Du Bois , How shall Integrity face Oppression? What shall Honesty do in the face of Deception, Decency in the face of Insult, Self-Defense before Blows? How shall Desert and Accomplishment meet Despising, Detraction, and Lies? What shall Virtue do to meet Brute Force? There are so many answers and so contradictory; and such differences for those on the one hand who meet questions similar to this once a year or once a decade, and those who face them hourly and daily.
    Big questions, and easy to dismiss when we live a privileged life.

  • Sue Durrant says:

    V 17 stood out for me today. “He who needs discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray”. It’s so easy, isn’t it, to be sure that our way of interpreting things is the right way & then telling others our view so that they think the same way. I was also reading today Mark 2:23-27 where the disciples were picking ears of corn on a Sabbath & the Pharisees were flabbergasted because their interpretation of the Law was probably based on extra commands they themselves had added to the Torah in the past to “clarify” what working on the Sabbath meant! Jesus showed them they had put emphasise on the wrong things which misinterpreted what His Father had laid down. I pray for God’s grace & wisdom to listen when He shows me the right way to go so I don’t lead others astray…

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